Collectible Waifu Sticker Pack - Season Two

Sale price$9.99

Season 2 Waifu Sticker Foil Pack

1 in every 100 Sticker Packs will have a chance of being a GOD PACK containing 5 RARE HOLOGRAPIC Stickers!!!

  • Collectible Sticker Pack Featuring 24 Different Possible Waifu Designs
  • Each Pack Contains 4 Transparent and 1 Rare Holographic Sticker
  • Each Sticker is 3"x 4" inches in Size
  • These Rare Holographic Stickers Will NOT Be Purchasable Elsewhere
Rarity Table

Full Holo

Ninja Full Holo Rare Waifu Sticker Season 2




Ninja - 1:36

Pirate- 1:36

Neko Maid - 1:36
Vtuber - 1:20

Sharpshooter - 1:20

Selfie - 1:20
Underwater - 1:11

Suki- 1:11

Tsundere - 1:11
Varsity - 1:6

Christmas - 1:6

Zombie Slayer - 1:6

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Customer Reviews

Based on 278 reviews
Lost Soul
Great stickers!

Pretty good quality stickers. Made mine into some fridge magnets.

Garry Pedrelli
All Time Favorite

The stickers in these ones are top tier, some of the best looking holo's!

Well made stickers!

All my stickers were very well made and a fantastic addition to my collection!

Kristofer Hallahan
Great durability and quality

I've had these stickers on my hydro flask for a month. its been to the beach and work almost everyday as I live in Hawaii and the stickers have held up quite well. Wish I could pick the ones like though.

Big EzTz
Collectable waifus :O

I'm not usually a collectable sticker person but my gawds these are so tight. I love the "rare" Holo and the fact they work like the cups using blank space to fill with what ever colour is behind. Love it