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Our goal with every sponsorship is a longterm and mutually beneficial ongoing relationship. We do not want you to ever change your style of content creation or feel any limitations from us. All partners have a dedicated staff member with an open line of communication to facilitate promotion or correct any problems. Our priority is for YOU to succeed and we want to help you every step of the way.

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August 2023

GG Partners of the Month

A monthly tribute to our amazing partners who have showcased remarkable engagement and outreach within the community.

These partners are highlighted based on their monthly traction of their Discount Code Usage.‎ The top 10 partners are prominently highlighted to recognize their exceptional impact for Gamer Supps. Moreover, a special acknowledgment is extended to partners who have showcased commendable dedication and engagement through out the month.

A Special Thank You to each and every one of our Partners here at Gamer Supps!

GG Partner:


Check Them Out:

1. TheRussianBadger

Code: badger

2. H3Podcast

Code: H3

3. PaymoneyWubby

Code: Wubby

4. Shylily

Code: ORCA

5. Bricky

Code: bricky

6. The Group Podcast

Code: group

7. penguinz0

Code: Moist

8. Blooprint

Code: bloo

9. GOONS Podcast

Code: Goons

10. Cold Ones

Code: coldones

Honorable Mentions

These are the next 15 top performing partners by code, listed in alphabetical order

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We are very excited that you want to work with us. We just need some basic information about you and what you will bring to the #GGArmy! This form is not a contract and is not legally binding. This information is simply for us to learn more about you and begin communications.