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It's the doo, the guy who has no head

The doo but better because of boobs

Childhood Flavor!

This is some nostalgia, in a cup. This gives me flashbacks to my childhood. The good kind. This will definitely become a frequent buy from now on.

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Vince Lamont
Super Impressed

I got the Dragonfruit punch, brand risk and pineapple cocktail. all 3 of which are really, really good!. the dragonfruit in particular was amazing. Powder dissolved completely and kept well in a mixed drink for a few days.

Immediately went and ordered a few tubs of a few other flavors and am excitedly waiting for them to arrive. Think I've found the replacement for the copious amounts of energy drinks i currently consume. tastes better, better for you and is cheaper to boot!

good Shaker!

I put 3 scoops in, I shake, and I drink. Epic drink (:

Cat girl for the win

The quality and feel are great as always, love the orange color and the cute cat girl.

Great design

As with all of the gamersupps shirts the quality and feel is great and the design is great also love that it isn't just a black shirt.

Love the artwork

Lean - 100 Servings
Juan Jimenez
Top 3 Flavors

Bought it as a joke however turn out to be my favorite gamesupps flavor. Highly recommend for a beginner.


Thedooo is awesome and I love this cup don’t regret getting it

Pretty good

It not that sweet. Hit the spot when it hot outside.

Awesome sauce

Beautiful design on the shaker. One of my favorite shakers now. This shaker actually introduced me to Tots. Gotta say I am very glad about it! Loving the streams when I can catch them!

Delicious Taste and Intoxicating Scent

Seriously, this flavor smells so good even in powder form. It's got a light and refreshing taste that can be enjoyed ice cold or room temperature.

Pro tip: mix it with other flavors to really kick things up a notch. I really like mixing with Anime Girl Thigh and/or Blo'hole Blast.

Waifu Cups x TheDooo
Gauge Jordan

Love the cup :3

Waifu Cups x Pyrocynical
Christopher Wittingham
Pyro on my screen

10/10 i get to watch smexy pyro while raiding


Well made, sturdy, definitely will last a long time

Waifu Cups x F1NN5TER
Chance Hendrickson
Best Cup!

The Best Cup.

the best

gamer supps has become my go to for caffeine drinks. i loved this cup design!! and they even threw in a free TUB of the black cherry flavor which i was not expecting, greatest surprise ever. much peace and love. i hope for more non anime titty shaker cups in the future so i can continue taking it too work lol

Waifu Cups x F1NN5TER
Caleb Schwartz
Great cup

Cup works great, looks great, all around an amazing cup


Although people have told me Im wrong but technically speaking Im drinking out of totless... Just an idea or a even a theory... a game theory rip matt pat.

Great supplement

Knocked my dad and I out 30 mins after drinking we were in a conversation and woke up in the morning

Waifu Cups x GX Aura
Miroslav Nikolov
All worth it baby

Not only did i get my shaker but a buncha cute stickers of Aura too. The tasters i got were also all to my taste the Dragonfruit and the Brand Risk were prolly my favourites. Good stuff


Cat waifu it epic cup

Premium Waifu

The quality of the art on this is beautiful. I love that each side is a different image as well.

Waifu Cups x GX Aura
Michael Byrnes
Absolutely awesome

Took it's time, but damn I'm happy with it!

So glad it's back

This is definitely my favorite flavor, I had only been able to get it in the sample packs for so long so glad it's back.