Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000 by RussianBadger - 100 Servings

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GG® is the ultimate energy and focus formula and The Official Energy Drink of Shitposting™️. The highest quality ingredients make up an energy formula that mixes completely and provides a healthier and more cost effective energy drink.

A strawberry-lime flavor developed to The Russian Badger's liking.

Try the Caffeine Free version here!

  • In Collaboration with DARUSSIANBADGER
  • Artist Website:
    Artist Twitter: @tyleredmondsart
  • Keto Friendly for low-carb and ketogenic diets
  • <1 Calorie for healthier consumption
  • Nootropics for a calmer focus
  • Zero Sugar for a healthier intake and to avoid crashing
  • Organic Caffeine to maximize energy and endurance
  • No Fillers for a better nutritional value
  • Five of the body's most crucial vitamins and minerals
  • Servings 100 per tub
  • Cost only $0.40 per serving

Customer Reviews

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Eric Bardon
Buy now

Definitely one of my favorites and also created by one of my favorite video creators. The taste is better than the name implies so don't be trolled too hard, lol

One of the best Flavors!!!

Who knew Strawberry and lime together would be so refreshing. I'm going to go buy the non caffeinated version so I can drink more of it.

Best multitool

I'M an Private First Class in the U.S. Army and Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000, helps me power through everything. Rucks, workouts, the duty day... and more. Wish yall had a bulkier version, and/or an active duty discount. The only reason most people drink G-Fuel and Ghost is because its more accessible.

Felix Johannes Kühntopp
Great flavour for all life situations

Something to celebrate? Gamerfart9000! Sad? Gamerfart9000! World War 3? Thats right, stock up on Gamerfart9000!

Dalton Lewis

Strawberry and Lime, who knew it could taste so good? TheRussianBadger of course!