Gamer Tea - Sleepytime with Theanine

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Gamer Tea - Sleepytime With Theanine (Caffeine Free)

Why Gamer Tea?

Although we produce the best energy formula in the industry, we understand the importance a quality rest provides to your health. Unlike the majority of "Sleepytime" Blends, rather than using melatonin, we have combined our soothing blend of lavender, organic lemon, peppermint, and natural vanilla with L-theanine, an amino acid found with in our GG Energy known to help reduce crashes and jitters commonly associated with caffeinated beverages, is well known to relieve stress, improve mood, and help maintain normal sleep.

Customer Reviews

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Not sure how to describe...

The taste is... strange? It's not very good, but it's also not very bad, it's just strange.

Good Flavor

I'm pretty iffy about tea but this was really nice. I intend to buy more.

Kevin Latour
Relaxing and Tasty

For me it is doing what it should do. It is very relaxing and helps me too sleep well. The taste is is not to shaby ether. I would say it is a very good bland of hearbs.

Fausten Fang
Relaxing and Tasty

It does help relax and makes it a little easier to fall asleep

Benjamin Laugesen

I'm in love with this it's actually amazing the blend is so soothing and delicate *chefs kiss*