Gamer Tea - Yerba Mate

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Gamer Tea - Yerba Mate (Contains Caffeine)

Why Gamer Tea?

Our sensational blend of Yerba Mate Tea and Zesty Lemon bursts with bold, earthy flavors and a tangy twist that will elevate your mood and rejuvenate your spirit! Ignite your energy and conquer each day with rejuvenated vigor.

Customer Reviews

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A somewhat plastic-esque undertone, but it's alright

There's a slightly tangy aftertaste, but I personally couldn't really find any lemon notes specifically while drinking. That I don't have as much of a problem with, it's more so this plastic/rubber like undertone I taste that bothers me a little, but it's still mostly a pretty decent tasting herbal tea.

Emre Kourou

it is a pretty decent Tea!
in the beginning it gave me focus every morning..
after that for some reason it wasn't doing anything but still Tea is Tea!
the taste.. it was ok? I wish it could've been a bit stronger..
packaging.. BRO.. why is it so Biiig like holy sht!

Ian Mackey
Good tea

I was hoping the lemon flavor would have a bit more strength, but as it is it's just kinda like an aftertaste. Tea is good, but nothing spectacular

Great tea

It a great tea, I really enjoy it. You should definitely try it for those who don't drink tea.

David L. Allen II
My Relaxtea time

Has a lemon like taste to it and I love to drink it in my leisure time