Waifu Blanket - Holy Sheep

Holy Sheep Waifu Blanket

  • Limited Quantity Exclusive Item - WILL NOT RESTOCK!
  • 60"H x 50”W
  • Custom Color Printed Holy Sheep Blanket
  • Soft Flannel Fabric
  • Woven Hem Tag

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tristan Holm
Best blanket ever

Its fluffy sexy waifu art and super warm

Anthony Y
Comfy Cozy Cute!

I've been using this blanket everyday since I've received it. It's super soft but surprisingly light and thinner than you'd expect. It's perfect for keeping me cozy while I work, watch videos, or play games at my desk; and it's excellent for a warm (but not too hot!) bedtime. The sexy waifu is just gravy 😍

Tomáš Buryan
The most comfortable blanket i've ever owned.

The blankest is so soft! The material is the best it could be, only downside is that i had to wash it once to not be covered by the fur of the material. But overall a great product!

Yhorme Meijer
It's so soft!

I absolutely love this blanket, it's crazy soft and absolutely adorable. My gf is jealous of me as well lol.

Christopher Passamonte
It's the Best Ever

It's so soft, it's unbelievable