Gamer Soups Instant Noodles - Chicken (Single Cup)

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Gamer Soups Instant Noodles - Chicken (Single Cup)

Why Gamer Soups?

Gamer Soups is a new line of products presented by Gamer Supps designed to provide instant, easy snacks for everyone!

Instant, tasty ramen designed for gamers. Cheap and quick to prepare, our noodle soup is enhanced with added MSG to be deliciously satisfying... IT'S RAMEN!!!


ALLERGY WARNING: Contains Wheat, Soybean, and Sesame. Manufactured in a facility that also processes Egg, Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Crustacean Shellfish, and Fish Products.

Customer Reviews

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Very good cup noodles

Was genuinely surprised by this. Granted I don't go for cup noodles specifically often (instant noodles yes, but I usually go for the ones you cook on the stove) as they're often lackluster in my opinion, but you can't deny their convienence. Was a bit disappointed there were no dehydrated veggies or anything in the pack but honestly you can just add your own, no big deal. But seriously I didn't expect these noodles to taste THIS good. Is it the MSG when my own country is stupid and has banned MSG in most things? Maybe. But seriously love how spicy the broth is (just the right amount of spicy, it's no Shin Noodles but not far off either) and after adding some green onions and crispy chili oil this was genuinely a mighty fine meal. Really good noodles for cup noodles as well - springy, bouncy, not stinky (some cup noodles just stink, idk what to tell you). Not sure how often I'll be able to order those as it's not necessarily cheap for me to order them, but I'll for sure add a few cups every time I buy something on here from now on.

Kevin Campos
Worth the price

It was very spicy, good for travels thanks to the bendable fork

Chris S.
Really good ramen.

This was a really delicious soup for a ramen cup. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this to be that good, but the flavor was really hitting. It has more spice than I expected too, which was a good thing to me. And I really enjoyed the little fold-out mini fork inside too. That was a nice touch, that makes it easier to pack this for a work lunch too.


Nice to eat, quick to make, and little clean-up after eating. Will be 100% ordering this consistently


I enjoyed it love the bendable fork too