Kaho's Guil-tea Pleasure - 100 Servings

Sale price$39.99

GG® is the ultimate energy and focus formula designed to Level Up Your Gaming. The highest quality ingredients make up an energy formula that mixes completely and provides a healthier and more cost effective energy drink.

  • In Collaboration with Kaho Shibuya
  • Artwork by Director, Character Designer and Animator Masashi Kudo
  • Keto Friendly for low-carb and ketogenic diets
  • <1 Calories for healthier consumption
  • Nootropics for a calmer focus
  • Zero Sugar for a healthier intake and to avoid crashing
  • Organic Caffeine to maximize energy and endurance
  • No Fillers for a better nutritional value
  • Six of the body’s most crucial vitamins and minerals
  • Electrolytes for optimal hydration
  • Servings 100 per tub
  • Cost only $0.40 per serving

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Customer Reviews

Based on 667 reviews
Eamon Westerman
Bitches supreme

It ver good

Lea Relyea
Gamer Grandma

My grandson introduced me to Gamer Supps kahos Guil-tea Pleasures. I enjoy the taste of it so much I have up my decades old addiction to soda pop. It's so popular around the house I have to hide it when family comes over. I'm feeling younger every day! (BTW, I do appreciate the energy boost after work to game. )

Julian Orr
Favorite flavor

This is my favorite flavor. I will buy it again

It's amazing

My favorite flavor I've tried so far!!

Pleasantly surprised

This was my first Gamer Supps purchase. I was a bit hesitant with powdered drink mixes since they often leave a grainy or chalky texture in the water or just generally don't taste particularly good. Kaho's Guil-tea Pleasure doesn't leave any texture behind in the water and tastes almost exactly like sweet peach tea you'd grab out of a cooler at a convenience store, without all the sugar.