Dragonfruit Punch - 60 Servings

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GG® is the ultimate energy and focus formula designed to Level Up Your Gaming. The highest quality ingredients make up an energy formula that mixes completely and provides a healthier and more cost-effective energy drink.

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  • Keto Friendly for low-carb and ketogenic diets
  • <1 Calorie for healthier consumption
  • Nootropics for a calmer focus
  • Zero Sugar for a healthier intake and to avoid crashing
  • Caffeine to maximize energy and endurance
  • No Fillers for a better nutritional value
  • Five of the body's most crucial vitamins and minerals
  • Servings 60 per tub
  • Cost only $0.58 per serving

Customer Reviews

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On the road energy!

I love the taste and the fact that I have enough energy to make with through the day on the road as a truck driver. I don't experience any crash after drinking it and it helps me wake up minutes after my first sip. I am looking forward to ordering more in the future.

Zachary Sulkowski
One of the many amazing flavors of GG

As you can see in the title, I believe Dragonfruit Punch to be an amazing straight from GG. It is one of the flavors I pick up on my way out the door for work that helps get me moving through the day, especially in my 24oz Hydra shaker cup by GG. I have had a dragonfruit energy drink from Gfuel before, and I have to admit it did not taste well, it was just lacking something, the something that GG was sure to add to the Dragonfruit Punch flavor, a harmony of dragon fruit with, well other fruit flavors, it is excellent on the ol' taste buds, and a good pick me up. And when I run out, I'm definitely ordering more, and with luck I might get the well drawn limited tub art, or you can order and beat me to it! Overall, once again an amazing flavor that I recommend, and hope you will enjoy like me and so many other people have already.

Quentin Bertrand
Good soup :)

First time I bought this flavour, I love it like Blue hole Shylily Flavor!
I'm sad to haven't the alternative art but is great!

James A Cooley
Gonna need one in the cupboard at all times

This is one of my favourite flavours nice and fruity at the start with a nice after tatse.
Lots of punch to it.
I'll be getting this again

Clint B
Great flavour

got this flavour multiple times, both me and my sister love this flavour. one of my favourites, will be ordering it again when we run out of it.