Egyptian Gaiter

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Egyptian Gaiter

  • Limited Quantity Exclusive Item - WILL NOT RESTOCK!
  • Artist: @FoxyReinie
  • Full-Color All-Over Print featuring Waifu Cups S6.5: Egyptian Design
  • Lightweight Jersey Fabric with Moisture Management Wicking System
  • 2-Way Stretching Makes Wearing and Removing Comfortable and Easy
  • 75-Denier Polyester Material Utilizing Circular Knit Weaving Provides Silky Smooth Feel
  • Rated UPF50 for Ultraviolet Protection
  • Safe to Machine Wash

Customer Reviews

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Alex Albert
Good item

This item is a good alternative if you need something to cover your face with.

Jacob Dalton
Head, shoulders, knees and... toes?

I know this is meant for faces but I have too much hair on my face on a daily basis and there are no hair covers that are this stylish and versatile as this gaiter lol

For face and head

I missed out on the cup and I like ancient Egypt aesthetics so I got this gaiter and I might use it though mostly on my head, probably!

Butterballs S.
The design is great but...

I love the design and instantly bought this because I missed out on the cup but with a shaven beard it's a little itch after wearing it for awhile and it's really snug to my nose but all of that will disappear with time wearing it.

It's for your face...

I read a few reviews here and while I guess it can double as a sweatband/bandana and/or an oddly-shaped hair tunnel, it's pretty funny nobody has considered the work implications for this. For example, I wear this and a decent set of goggles to not get dirt/crud from blowing out fans from random machines and computers in my mouth...

It's a face-mask. And an ironic one at that, if you really think a bit deeper haha.