Waifu Gaming Sleeves - Skater Girl

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Size: XL
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Skater Girl Waifu Gaming Sleeves!

  • Proprietary GG™ Material to keep you cool and sweat-free
  • Flat Seams for smooth gliding across any surface with flat seams
  • Compression to increase blood circulation
  • Carefully Detailed with Waifu Cup S5.12: Skater Girl
  • Upgrade your performance with comfort and style
  • Friendly Reminder to hand wash and hang dry all Gaming Sleeves
  • Artist: @ClickDraws
  • 2x Waifu Sleeves per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Carlos M.
Better than I imagined

I originally bought this for the novelty of it, but when I actually used them I was surprised that they were actually really comfortable and keeping my arms cool.

morwis lin
Such an amazing design

The skater girl art was already so good, but combining that with how the design loops back to itself on the sleeve, its absolutely perfect.

Tyler Sparks
Love it

Surprisingly comfortable and fits both myself and my wife's arms.

Andrew B.
Unironically love them

Im not a hardcore gamer, but they are just in general comfortable. My only gripe is with the stitching, it worries me a bit but its been holding on so far.

Matthew Kreisz
Best one that have made based on comfort!

Ok so I have 5 of these bad boys and all of them kind of feel the same other then two, The special white one that came out in a anniversary sale! and the skater girl. For some reason they feel extra soft. Its tight but like soft tight. vs the other ones other then the white one have this little over tight feel to them. Whatever they did it was great and loved it!